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Yes, the community is absolutely free for you. You have access to all groups, content in the feed and can exchange ideas with the members there.

Our community is a contact point for all people who are interested in the topics of personal development, mindfulness, healthy relationships, happiness and gratitude. We wanted to create a place where like-minded people can exchange ideas and every month we contribute reflection questions and simple exercises / challenges that can serve as inspiration. Vertellis Mindset is our online annual program that specializes in a healthy mindset and a vibrant life and goes much deeper. Every month there is a different topic with exercises and suitable content. For a real breakthrough in terms of your mental strength, take a closer look at Vertellis Mindset. You can find more information about.

Don't worry - just check it out. There is also a video from Vertellis team member Vanessa, who explains everything to you on a virtual tour of the platform. So you have nothing to lose!

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