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Vertellis Mindset

Vertellis Mindset is a powerful annual online program aimed at improving your mindset, increasing your sense of happiness and boosting both your mental and physical health. 

We humans are complex and emotional beings. And because of the current circumstances, many of us are struggling with fear, stress and depression. Vertellis Mindset offers you the tools and know-how to better arm yourself against these feelings, develop a vital mind and body, and emerge stronger from the (mental) battle.

In collaboration with a team of experts, we have incorporated all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained in recent years in the fields of mindfulness, nutrition, (neuro) psychology and self-development into this online program. So join us on this journey for the next 12 months and work towards a healthier, more conscious and happier life!

A unique strength of this program is that it is one of the first integral approaches to a vibrant mindset.

From ancient philosophy to new sciences. From new discoveries in food for your brain to exercises that enhance cognition.

This holistic approach based on science is what will help you change your mindset and change your life for the better!

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Because working on your mindset is now more important than ever, we have a special offer for you: Follow the full-year program and get two months FREE.


Completely online

A new, inspiring theme every month

E-books, videos, recipes, exercises, assignments and more




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E-books, videos, recipes, exercises, assignments and more

How does it work?

Get to know Vertellis Mindset

Vertellis Mindset helps you to gain more insight into yourself and learn what is really important to you. More importantly, we don’t waste time: you will discover what you can do IMMEDIATELY for a healthier, more conscious and happier life.

You will experience what it's like to be in control of your life. This not only brings you closer to yourself, but also to the people who are dear to you.

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The creators of Vertellis Mindset have diverse backgrounds and experiences. For example, we have Bart - co-founder of Vertellis - who has been involved in coaching, psychology and top performance for years. Our team also consists of a psychologist, a happiness trainer and an integrated lifestyle and vitality coach.

Last but not least: the fans and outside experts who helped us make Vertellis Mindset even better!

Start every month with inspiring content about things such as self-reflection, self-confidence, nutrition (recipes), and more. With the goal to create a breakthrough in your mindset.

This doesn’t happen automatically; quitting old habits and creating new ones is not easy. So if you think that you will change your life just by consuming some information, then you are sorely mistaken.

About the creators

Year Program

Discovering your “WHY”

Energy and focus

Getting out of the rat race


Choosing yourself

Tension and relaxation

Leaving your comfort zone

Beliefs and self-image

Influencing happiness

Self-reflection and gratitude


Influencing the future

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Themes of the Vertellis year-program

Will have Themes Such As

Your "WHY"

Energy and Focus

Triggers and Choice Stress


Self-Reflection and Journaling

Tension and Relaxation

Self Belief and Self-Image

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vertellis Mindset is an online annual program for anyone who wants to live more consciously and healthfully while building a powerful mindset. It is a unique program with knowledge and tools that fit with an integral (read: holistic) approach to mindset and lifestyle: from age-old philosophical insights and (neuro) psychological theories to proven knowledge about healthy nutrition. Each month a new theme is introduced with accompanying content in the form of e-books, assignments, exercises, videos, recipes, self-reflection and more.

First of all, welcome! You should have received an email from us with a link to Vertellis Mindset. If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to create an account. This gives you access to both Vertellis Mindset and our online community, where you can find inspiration and get in touch with like-minded people. Are you logged into the platform? Click on 'Courses' in the left column and then on 'Vertellis Mindset'. Then, simply click on the month and section where you left off. Click on the documents to open (or download) them. The materials available to you are unique to each theme, and vary from e-books and assignments to videos, exercises and recipes.

This largely depends on how quickly you go through the content. To keep it clear and create moments of rest, we have divided each month into sections. This way, you can go through the information, exercises and assignments of each section at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed. In addition, the time you spend on the content will vary from month to month, as each month’s content, as well as every individual, is unique. For example, one person may need more time for an e-book than for an exercise or assignment, and vice versa. There is no right or wrong here: do what works best for you and your schedule. Finally, we know life happens, so don't worry if it takes you longer to get through the entire program. The content remains available to you even after the year is over.

Vertellis Mindset can be canceled on a monthly basis, so if you feel the program is not the right fit for you or doesn't work out financially, you are not committed to anything. We think this flexibility is important because we know you’ll get the most out of the program if you can go through it without stress. You can cancel by clicking on your profile image in the Vertellis Mindset platform and then on 'Your Course Settings'. There, you should see the option to cancel. Even if you choose to end your membership, you will still have access to our online community. Are you stuck? We’re happy to help you! Send an email to

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We appreciate your interest in Vertellis. Hopefully, you are leaving the website inspired and ready to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

If you like our mission, together we can help create beautiful conversations and make the world a little better!

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Some of the highlights: 

Every month a different theme with inspiring content and directly applicable tips and tricks.

Step by step: we believe that small, smart changes in the long term work better than big, “all-or-nothing” changes in the short term.

You decide how long the journey lasts: Vertellis Mindset can be canceled monthly.

Access to our exclusive online community where you can meet new people, gain even more knowledge and inspiration, and connect with our coaches to ask questions.

Based on our #1 international bestselling journal "Vertellis Chapters"





Vertellis Mindset is an annual online program that focuses on a different theme every month. The strength of this program lies in the complete “mind-body-spirit” approach: from a powerful mindset to a healthy body and from self-reflection to more sleep and energy.

All aspects that are important to you are covered in the form of e-books, writing assignments, recipes for a healthier body and mind, practical tips and lots of other insightful content. Every month you end with a reflection: 'What am I going to stop now, what am I going to continue and what am I going to start with?'

Start elke maand met inspirerende content over o.a. zelfreflectie, zelfvertrouwen, voeding (recepten), en meer. Met als doel om een doorbraak te creëren in jouw mindset.

Het gaat niet vanzelf; afrekenen met gewoonten en nieuwe creëren doe je namelijk niet zomaar. Dus als je denkt dat je alleen door wat informatie te consumeren je leven gaat veranderen, dan moeten we je helaas teleurstellen.

How does it work and why is it so powerful?

Vertellis Mindset is perfect for you if you:

regularly wonder who you really want to be.

want to be more positive in life.

want to break negative and unhealthy habits and patterns.

want to learn positive and healthy habits.

want to feel more energized and focused.

want to learn how your brain works and how to make it work for you.

want to get more out of yourself and your life.

want better relationships with your loved ones.

want more balance in your life.

want to focus on what is really important to you on a daily basis.

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Limited Time Launch Offer!

Because working on your mindset is now more important than ever, we have a special offer for you: Follow the full-year program and get two months FREE.


I drew up my mission statement a few weeks ago, and I think about it everyday. Often several times. It really seems to help me, to give direction. I am very happy with this. ”

What our customers think about the Mindset program:


Completely online

A new, inspiring theme every month

E-books, videos, recipes, exercises, assignments and more

E-books, videos, recipes, exercises, assignments and more




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